Work PackageDeliverables
WP1. Curriculum evaluation and Training preparationD1.1: Curriculum modification plan
D1.2: Training Plan
D1.3: Adapted training materials for RLOs co-creation
D1.4: RLO co-creation training for the PCU e-learning team
WP2. Development: Aims, Storyboarding and Population (ASPIRE)D2.1: RLO Co-creation training for the eLearning teams of PCUs locally
D2.2: Content and specifications for 6 new RLOs for each discipline and 6 RLOs across disciplines
D2.3 Content and specifications for 10 repurposed RLOs
D2.4: Strategies to incorporate RLOs into curriculum
D2.5: Internal workshops for experience sharing in RLOs co-creation
D2.6: Guidelines on interprofessional collaboration in RLO development
WP3. Development: Technical Implementation of RLOs (ASPIRE)D3.1: Implemented Reusable Learning Objects
D3.2: Implemented Repurposed Reusable Learning Objects
WP4. Development: Release of RLOs to target population (ASPIRE)D4.1: Best practices to incorporate e-resources into curriculum and RLO release plan
D4.2: Open access repository for RLOs
D4.3: New Curricula Plan
WP5. Quality Plan and Evaluation (ASPIRE)D5.1: Quality Control Plan
D5.2: Evaluation Plan
D5.3: Quality Report
D5.4: Evaluation Report
WP6. Dissemination and ExploitationD6.1: Project website and social media accounts
D6.2: Dissemination events
D6.3: Publications
WP7. Project managementD7.1: Signed consortium agreement
D7.2: Project communication plan and governance structure
D7.3: Project reports