Advancing Co-creation of RLOs (Reusable Learning Objects) to Digitise Healthcare Curriculum (ACoRD)

Malay version

Despite e-learning being a national higher education agenda, a survey on Malaysian HEIs found that implementation of digital learning tools remains suboptimal.  There is a need to develop high quality e-learning content and build capacity in academic and technical staff around digital pedagogies and development of digital resources. This project involves three EU Programme Countries with an international reputation for digital learning (UK, Norway, Sweden) working with three Malaysian HEIs to produce locally relevant materials to ‘train the trainers’ on how to develop high quality interactive multimedia learning tools called reusable learning objects (RLOs) in the fields of medicine, nursing, biomedical science and other health-related disciplines.

The training is structured around the ASPIRE methodology (Aim, Storyboard, Populate, Implement, Release, Evaluate) for the development of RLOs. ASPIRE involves a participatory co-creation process involving end users and other stakeholders in workshops to ensure alignment of the digital content with the individual learning needs of the students. 22 RLOs will be developed during the project and housed in an open access repository which will be sustained after the project to accommodate further RLOs from the growing teams of developers. The RLOs will be integrated into the curricula of the partner institutions and evaluated. By providing the RLOs as trackable open educational resources, the outputs of the project will achieve reach and impact beyond just the institutions involved. The consortium will reach out to the Malaysian HEI e-learning stakeholders through support from the Ministry of Higher Education as well as individual HEI learning and teaching centres.

For more information, email hs-acord-eu@nottingham.ac.uk