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What is a Reusable Learning Object (RLO)

The ACoRD e-learning resources are designed around the principles of the ‘reusable learning object’ or RLO. These are self-contained, web-based resources that consist of a mixture of multimedia elements such as audio, text, images and video and which engage the learner in interactive learning through the use of activities and assessments. They represent approximately 15 minutes of learning activity. The RLOs are developed using the ASPIRE framework which aims at maximising participation and providing a sense of shared ownership of the materials being produced. The process normally begins with workshops in which the project is scoped and team building occurs. Our workshops involve the widest possible team of stakeholders including tutors, students, health care workers, learning technologists, health service users and carers. RLOs are a great way to share your stories and expertise.


ACoRD will deliver a bespoke repository of RLOs in the style of the internationally acclaimed HELM Open repository. The ACoRD repository is under development and an alpha version can be found: www.acord.my

22 open access RLOs are being created in the ACoRD project which can grow with the increased capacity to create high quality digital resources extends. The progress of the RLOs can be found at the ACoRD bespoke repository: www.acord.my