WP1. Preparation

Curriculum evaluation and Training preparation

This WP will focus on curriculum modification to implement blended learning using e-resources, such as Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs). Existing curricula will be reviewed by each PCU (Partner Country University) to identify the e-learning needs and find out the most suitable modules that best fit with incorporating RLOs into teaching. Furthermore, the e-learning team of the 3 PCUs will be trained using adjusted training material to the local context, in order to build capacity for developing RLOs. Those 3 e-learning teams will act as the core trainers to the rest of the PCUs technical and clinical/academic personnel.

D1.1: Curriculum modification plan
D1.2: Training Plan
D1.3: Adapted training materials for RLOs co-creation
D1.4: RLO co-creation training for the PCU e-learning team