WP2. Development

Aims, Storyboarding and Population (ASPIRE)

This WP will focus initially on training the PCU elearning teams from health sciences (medicine, nursing and biomedical science, etc) on RLO co-development. Then it aims to co-create the specifications for new, cross-dicipline and repurposed RLOs using the first steps (Aims, Storyboarding and Population) of the ASPIRE Framework, matched in detailed with identified learning outcomes of the curriculum.

D2.1: RLO Co-creation training for the eLearning teams of PCUs locally
D2.2: Content and specifications for 6 new RLOs for each discipline and 6 RLOs across disciplines
D2.3 Content and specifications for 10 repurposed RLOs
D2.4: Strategies to incorporate RLOs into curriculum
D2.5: Internal workshops for experience sharing in RLOs co-creation
D2.6: Guidelines on interprofessional collaboration in RLO development